Masara loves the hunting culture; it’s our thing and we understand it like nobody else.
Since man first walked on this earth, we have gathered… and we have hunted. It’s who we are and how we see life.







Hunting in Namibia

If you like Big and Plain Game, Africa is your destiny. It will become an unforgettable experience.

If there’s such a thing as a hunting paradise, it’s certainly Africa. We have specialized in two fantastic destinations: Namibia and South Africa.

Monterías in Spain

The Montería is par excellence the queen of hunting in Spain, is unique and unmatched.

Combining experience, wisdom, youth and passion our Monterias are of the highest quality prevailing above all security and guarantees of success that we offer to all our customers.

Hunting in Spain

Andalusia, Asturias, Gredos, Pyrenees or the Spanish Levante, spectacular hunting areas all year round.

Spain is a fantastic country for the recovery of numerous common species and some unique in the world, such as the Spanish Ibex and its four subspecies of Beceite, Gredos, Southeastern and Ronda.

Hunting in South Africa

Africa is undoubtedly a paradise for any traveller interested in the wildest and most authentic nature.

The Masara team has travelled thousands of kilometres to offer you the most spectacular routes where you can enjoy exceptional experiences.

Team and Management

Headed by the PH Christian Müller, the Masara team is composed of a group of specialists in organizing top quality hunting safaris in Africa as well as Monterías and Stalking in Spain and all over the world.
Much of our team also speaks English and German which is a great relief for all hunters who feel the language as a problem.
“Some people are born to walk, to travel a long way, but the important thing is not the distance ... but each firm step that deserves the reward”
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