4-5 Februar 2023

Jagd Season


Beste Termine


Jäger Nummer

25-30 Jäger

Jagd Preis

4500 €/Jäger

  • 2 Jagt Tage
    • 2 Rott Hirsche Total Quote
    • Frei für Wieblich und Scwhweine
  • Daily rate (3 Nachten)
    • Vollpension
    • Alle Transporte
  • Unterstützung am Flughafen
  • Jagd Licenze
  • Jagd Versicherung
  • Unterstützung von einen “secretario” in der Jagd
  • Erste Vorbereitung der Trophäen
Zusätzliche Kosten
  • Airfare (Madrid Airport)
  • Persönliche Ausgaben
  • Einzelzimmer (+160 € /3 Nachten)
  • Leihwaffe & Patronen (200 € + Patronen)
  • Taxidermie
  • Dip & Pack & Shipping
  • Trinkgeld (50 €/Tag)
  • Extra Rot Hirsch +1500 €
  • 300 €/Jäger (in cash) wenn wir mehr als 220 Stücke schiessen
  • Leihwaffe & Patronen
  • Taxidermie und Transport
  • Gourmet Restaurants
Buchungs und Zahlungsbedingungen
  • 1500 € Kaution Überweisung
  • Saldo in bar am Tag vor Monteria


Tag 1

Ankunft zum Madrid Flughafen und transport zum Hotel ( 2-2.5 Stunden).

Ausruhen und geniessen. Zusammen Abendessen in privaten Saloon.

Tag 2

Um 8.00 am, fahren wir zum Jagdrevier (30-40 minutes) und haben wir ein traiditionelles Frühstück. Nach die Lotterie, eine kurzes Gebet und um 11 Uhr fangt die Jagd an!! Um 14.30 pm, Ende der Jagd und dann haben wir ein grosses Cocktail und Mittagessen alle zusammen im Jagd Haus. Am ende, Zeit für Parade und Bilder!!

Am ende des Tages, fahren wir züruck zum Hotel und dann haben wir ein schönes Abendessen zussamen.

Tag 3

Gleiches Programm als Tag 2 und am ende fahren wir züruck nach Madrid zum Hotel in der nähe des Flughafens. Zeit für euch selbst zu geniessen.

Don’t forget to read the Terms and Conditions of this offer.

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        It’s a call to Spain.

        Terms and conditions:

        1. Expected bag means the total number of animals (+/- 10%) we should get after 2 hunting days between all the groups of hunters. Spanish Monteria is the most exciting driven hunt you will experience, where the animals will run full speed all the time, don’t expect them to spot up to shoot, they are chased by 350-400 dogs!! If you expect Masara to guarantee a minimum number of animals, Masara expects the hunters to shoot as much as possible and well, counting 3 shots as a dead animal.
        2. Quota doesn’t mean the number of animals guaranteed per hunter, it means the maximum number of animals per hunter.
        3. Hunts are booked and confirmed after receiving 30% deposit by transfer. The balance has to be paid in cash (euros) the day before starting the hunt.
        4. If the hunt is canceled more than 90 days prior to the hunt starting date, the deposit will be refunded minus 30 % for administration fees and all expenses already incurred.
        5. Cancellation between 90-61 days prior to the hunt starting date, the deposit will be refunded minus 50 % of the paid amount but no less a 2000 € per hunting client handling fee.
        6. Cancellation 60 days or less prior to the hunt starting date, the total cost of the hunt is forfeited, unless the hunt is re-sold. If the hunt is re-sold, 50% of the paid amount will be refunded.
        7. Any requests to postpone the hunt must be in writing and shall only be effective upon its acknowledged receipt by Masara. Masara, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to either accept or refuse a request to postpone the hunt and to hold up to 50 % of the cost of the hunt for license and administration fees. If the hunt is postponed, Masara reserves the right to change all daily rates, trophy and license fees, and all other fees including additional charges.
        8. It is the hunter’s responsibility to ensure that passports, visas, travel permits, weapons permits, health certificates, COVID 19 passports, inoculations, international driving licenses…etc, or other documentation required for the trip are obtained, valid, and in order.
        9. If Masara doesn’t receive the required paperwork at the latest 60 days prior to starting the hunt, the hunter is responsible if permits and the Spanish hunting license doesn’t arrive on time.
        10. Complaints have to be transmitted directly to the Masara team during the trip; complaints after leaving are refused to be recognized.
        11. No client shall be accepted or be permitted to continue on a hunt while their status of mental or physical condition is, in the opinion of the Masara team, such to render them incapable of caring for themselves or make themselves objectionable to other clients or become a hazard to themselves or other clients. Masara will not be responsible for expenses by such persons precluded from completing the hunt for this reason.
        12. The expected shooting distance is 50-250 meters, please practice your shooting skills before starting the hunt in order to improve and enjoy your own hunting experience.
        13. If because of COVID conditions you can’t attend, the deposit will roll over for the following hunting season in the same conditions or be returned.