June is great to hunt Cantabrian Chamois, the weather is normally perfect, the mountains are quiet and the Chamois feel relaxed. From 8 to 10 June, I was hunting with an excellent client and friend of Masara. 45000 thousand hectares of free range in the purest heart of the Cantabrian Chamois area, undoubtedly the very best possible. We had an amazing stalk, the first one we tried on the first morning, and thanks to the awesome previous job of our rangers glassing and scouting every day the big males, we got an amazing chance with a perfect shot.

A very limited number of permits is available every year, so if you dream of this trophy, start working on it soon, permits for 2023 are gone and there is only 1 left for 2024.

Good job my friend, and HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful trophy!!