Have you ever dreamt about waking up in the morning with the sound of hippos grunting outside and a fresh breeze in the air?

Have you ever dreamt about waking up in the morning with the sound of hippos grunting outside and a fresh breeze in the air. Starting your day at the break of dawn with your trusted rifle over your shoulder and no worry or rush in the world.

Well, with Masara Hunting Safaris this no longer has to be just a dream!
Come and experience Namibia like no one else ever have.

We offer you the ultimate Namibian hunting experience where you can sleep in a luxurious camp in an unspoiled landscape, just like nature intended. With us the hunt don’t stop when you step out of the field, we give you a true African Hunting Safari feeling.

Witness the beautiful red sand, the camel thorn trees and the vast amount of free-roaming wildlife that you will only find in Namibia. Sit around a cosy fire at night and gaze at the endless stars, forget about the world and just enjoy a stress-free time.

Watch as Oryx, Kudus, Hartebeest and Warthogs graze around the waterhole at night. Namibia is a country with immense open spaces and still free of borders with completely different ecosystems depending on the area in which we are.

We put at your disposal more than 200.000 hectares of hunting grounds distributed all over the country, from the Kalahari to the Caprivi Strip where you can find an enormous diversity of species to hunt.

Special mention deserves the great quantity and quality of Leopards and Cheetah offered by this country, if you are interested in this species is the perfect destination for it.

Culling driven hunts for Springbok, Gamesbok and Wildebeest are normally in the Kalahari which are also in high demand every season by many groups of hunters, they are very exciting in a wonderful environment.

After you have had a satisfying safari we can start the tourism visiting wildlife paradises like Erindi Game Reserve, Walvis Bay, Sossusvlei or Etosha. Etosha is specially for the hunter who want to experience Namibia as it was before human intervention. You will see more animals on this tour than what you think possible.

Unfortunately hunting is forbidden in Etosha and you will have to pass on the huge Eland bulls, Elephants and Rhinos you see daily. But be sure that it will be worth it!



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