South Africa is the country par excellence for a first safari, is also a perfect destination to combine some days of hunting with other days of tourism.

We have different hunting areas distributed throughout the country and depending on the trophies sought we will go to Limpopo and Eastern Cape, more than 150.000 hectares where you can find all species of antelope as much as any of the Big Five.


In Eastern Cape, the richest area in terms of biodiversity and nature and considered by many as a paradise thanks to its unparalleled variety of wildlife.

You will be able to enjoy real wild hunting, since more than half of this extension is absolutely open or mountain, something not easy to find in the rest of South Africa.

Next to the traditional safari packages like Kudus, Gemsbok, Impala or Blue & Black Wildebeest, Masara can organize the best mountain hunts in the country and the best trophies of animals like Vaal Rhebok, Mountain Reedbuck, Hartmann Zebra…etc as well as Bush Pigs and many more on the coast.

Besides we also have available several areas with very high population of warthogs, as well as the best Buffalo trophies in the area.

The combination of this together with mountain hunts and, of course, having some leisure time to enjoy the beach, visit Cape Town, Addo National Park or any of the many other hotspots, will make your journey truly unforgettable.


In Limpopo, our executive lodge has a classy African style and it’s located in the heart of the Waterberg area, south of the Limpopo Province.

This hidden Gem of Arica is bordered by the Limpopo River and Botswana border in the West, completely malaria free, this region is famous for its hot spring resorts and the beautiful mountain terrain full of wildlife.

The spectacular scenery of the region ranges from broad rolling hills to magnificent red sandstone cliffs. The décor of our accommodation provides an earthy and relaxed atmosphere inspired by nature.

Awaken each morning to the chorus of abundant wildlife, an exclusive stay surrounded by the magic roar of lions.



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