1-3 November we started the Ibex season with a hunter coming from Austria and his wife. It was still too hot and the Ibexes didn’t want to show up, it was very difficult to scout them because they were hidden in the bushes. The first day we didn’t have any chances, we could only see lots of females, calves and young ones. After having a very nice dinner in our beautiful private hunting House, we sat close to the fire and enjoyed an excellent wine.

The day after, the morning started a bit colder, the previous night the temperatures went down which was perfect for the hunt. After many hours scouting again only females and young ones, a very beautiful trophy showed up feeding quietly close to the bush border. Just a few seconds to get the rifle ready and measure the distance, 326 meters…perfect shot!!

Huge congratulations to the hunter for his beautiful 10-year-old Bronze Medal Ibex! Thanks, Sabine and Hannes for your trust and company, looking forward to meeting you in April to enjoy a new hunting experience together!

That area is now undoubtedly the VERY BEST for Beceite Ibex, any size. Come and join us!